Top Penetration Testing Companies In 2022

Top Penetration Testing Companies In 2023

In our digital day and age, security is the most vital aspect for all IT organizations and enterprises. They constantly face many complex challenges and threat risks that need to be tackled with solid approaches and proper tools. Regular penetration testing, thorough vulnerability assessment, and risk evaluation are the main ways to avoid security issues and errors and minimize the possible risks threatening the company system. 

And as the demand for a secure infrastructure increases, the number of penetration testing services and security firms is rising too. So, on the one hand, it gives companies a wide range of options to choose from. Still, on the other hand, it can be confusing and overwhelming to pick the best penetration testing provider from various choices available in the cyber security market.

For that exact reason, to ease your work, we have created a list of the best penetration testing companies that can become handy while looking for security testing services. 

General Understanding of Penetration Testing

The main power in the cyber security solutions army helping companies fight against hacking attacks and malicious threats is pen-testing. But what is penetration testing?

If in a few words, penetration testing or also known as ethical hacking, is a real-world simulation of cyber-attacks on software programs, IoT devices, web applications, networks, etc., in order to assess the overall security of the project’s system. Moreover, unlike simple vulnerability scanning, which identifies only known vulnerabilities and errors, penetration tests can exploit the detected security weaknesses to gain full awareness of the cybersecurity situation, such as organizational risk, vulnerabilities, threats, and potential business impact.

Due to properly performed security testing, you will be able to identify all current issues of your networks or web applications and effectively fix critical vulnerabilities and loopholes before attackers can get the hang of them. 

Furthermore, penetration testing can analyze and evaluate your security controls and give recommendations and solutions to enhance the company’s overall security posture. Advanced penetration tests can also simulate real-world attacks on your network utilizing similar techniques and methods as hackers to see the system’s response and ability to detect active attacks.

Top Penetration Testing Providers: Review

To ensure the safety of the regular business operations and networks, adding penetration testing services to the existing security measures list is a must for every solid company and organization. But how do you choose the best penetration testing company from a vast number of cyber security consultants and firms? We all agree that it is not a simple task to find a security provider that is both trustworthy and professional. However, there are multiple top-rated penetration testing companies that long proved the effectiveness and reliability of their provided cyber security solutions and services.

Here, we are going to review some of them and decide which one deserves the title of best penetration testing firm. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#1 Astra Security 

One of the leading names in the top penetration testing companies is Astra Security. This pen-testing company specializes in various security services, including Security Audits, Vulnerability Assessments, Security Consulting, IT Risk Assessments, and of course, Penetration Testing. 

Astra’s security experts and auditors provide high-quality penetration testing services to companies of different types and sizes. It offers a wide variety of penetration tests according to the needs and goals of the project. Some of the most required tests include:

  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Blockchain Penetration Tests
  • Cloud Penetration Tests
  • Mobile Application Security Testing

Furthermore, Astra Security provides a comprehensive suite of security testing tools called Astra Pentest. It comes with manual penetration testing capabilities and an automated vulnerability scanning tool. Astra Pentest helps manual pen testers to detect payment gateway hacks and business logic errors and ensure zero-false positives. 

#2 Central InfoSec 

Another giant in the cybersecurity industry providing high-quality security services is Central InfoSec. It also was rated as the top penetration testing provider by two independent organizations based on various contributing factors. 

Central InfoSec’s team of experts can customize a penetration testing scope based on the project’s budget and size. The core services included in the company’s penetration testing team routine include:

  • Red Teaming
  • Application and API Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Management

Furthermore, Central InfoSec has experienced penetration testers with a set of security certifications such as Offensive Security Certified Professional, GIAC Certified Penetration Tester, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker, and more, which gives a sense of high professionalism and reliability. 

#3 Belitsoft

Starting as a software development company, Belitsoft expanded its territories and now is a solid penetration testing firm with a variety of high-quality services. It incorporates quality assurance services with software testing to ensure the company meets industry regulations and standards and satisfies vendor security assessments. 

Some of the key services offered by Belitsoft are as follows:

  • Penetration Testing,
  • Stress Testing,
  • Load, and Performance Testing,
  • Usability Testing,
  • Cross-Browser Testing,
  • Functionality Testing

#4 Crowdstrike 

Crowdstrike is another penetration testing company known for its high-quality security testing services. Its team performs various penetration test cases and uses hacker-powered security methods to test your IT infrastructure for detection and response capabilities and identify network vulnerabilities within the company’s critical systems. 

Crowdstrike provides cybersecurity solutions for cloud endpoints and workloads, as well as counterattack mitigation and threat intelligence. Furthermore, the company has a set of penetration testing tools that helps businesses validate security defenses and assure the confidentiality and privacy of their sensitive data and information.

#5 Rhino Security Labs

The next well-known security firm on our list worth mentioning is Rhino Security. The penetration testing services of Rhino Security Labs include creative and professional security approaches that go beyond regular scanning to identify network security vulnerabilities missed or overlooked in previously conducted automated testing processes. 

Rhino Security’s team also performs a comprehensive evaluation of the project’s overall system and offers appropriate remediation options to enhance the company’s security posture and performance. 

FAQ Section

What are the three main types of penetration testing?

The primary methodology of the penetration testing process can be divided into three major types: 

1. Black Box Penetration Testing: In this type of testing, the pentester has no initial idea of the system’s security details and performs tests without prior knowledge of the target network or app. 
2. White Box  Penetration Testing: Contrary to black-box testing, in the case of white-box tests, security experts are provided with a whole range of data and information about the target system or network, including IP Address, Source Code, Schema, OS Details, etc. In addition, white Box Testing covers examining the code coverage, testing data flow, and loop reviewing.
3. Grey Box Penetration Testing: It is the mixture of the two previous testing types, which means the tester gets a little limited information and internal details about the target project systems for conducting a comprehensive analysis. 

Who is the best penetration tester?

According to the requirements and specifics of the project, the candidates for the best penetration tester can vary. Below are some of the top security companies you can consider based on your project’s scope, goals, and testing objectives:

– SecureWorks
– Veracode
– Crowdstrike
– Rapid7
– Netragard
– RedBot Security
– Rhino Security
– Central InfoSec 
– Belitsoft

How much do penetration testers earn?

Depending on the candidate’s professional skills, expertise, educational background, and location, the average salary of a pen tester can vary from $50.000 to $120.000. 

How does pentesting work?

In general, penetration testing covers all the methods and tools for identifying system vulnerabilities, enhancing overall security postures, evaluating the quality of previously applied security measures, and recommending appropriate solutions for fixing and resolving the current issues and errors. Most penetration testing companies follow a standard sequence of steps and methodologies, including Information Gathering, Vulnerability Detection, Exploitation, Remediation, and Reporting.